Mission Statement

Our mission is to transform ordinary people into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.  We do this by investing in a process where people are encouraged and equipped to Love God, to Grow in Community with each other and to take specific action steps to Serve the Church and the World.

Mission Process

Love God

According to Jesus, loving God is our first priority. At Oakwood, we also consider this the first step in living as a follower of Jesus. Our weekly worship service is the primary place for this, whether we come searching for God and investigating the claims of Christ, or as followers of Jesus seeking to express our love and devotion along with other believers.

Action Point: Worship God at our weekly worship service

Grow in Community

At Oakwood, community groups are prime opportunities within our church family to grow in our faith through the study of God’s Word. In addition, these groups provide an intimate and safe setting for us to build relationships that reflect our love for God as we love and care for one another.

Action Point: Connect with other Christ-followers in a community group

Serve the Church & World

As we take our devotion to God a step farther, we demonstrate our love by serving others. Our families, neighborhoods, and workplace are our 24/7 mission field. At the same time, our gifts are needed within the Oakwood family to reach out to the community and the world.

Action Point: Discover your God-given gifts and use them to serve others.

Continue the Cycle

Our mission process repeats again and again. Through our lives of service, God uses us to reach out to others as we invite them into our fellowship of faith at Oakwood. Just as it did for us, so it starts for them with loving God, the One who first loved us!

Action Point: Invite others to join you in loving and worshipping God at our weekly worship service.

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