Adult Education


Fall 2017 

Oakwood Mill is the Adult Education Ministry of Oakwood Community Church.  There are four classes this session being offered – three new classes and one resuming class. Classes will meet in the Education Building and TreeHouse.


Bible Art Journaling
Leader: Katie Frost

Would you like to dig deeper into the Word? Have you seen Bible art journaling and loved it but thought to yourself, “I could never do that!” or “I’m not that artistic!” Then this is the class for you! Our Bible art journaling class is about the process of connecting to Scripture, not the page you produce. Focus on God and His Word and the skill will come with time.
Each week we will learn new art techniques and meditate on the Word. The basic supplies you will need are a journal and/or Bible (journaling bibles are useful, but not necessary) and a Sigma Micron 01 pen in black. As we learn new techniques, we will introduce new supplies.
Join us as we draw closer to God and to each other through bible art journaling!
This class will meet in TreeHouse Room 304.

A Study in the Lessons of the Gospel of Mark
Leader: Dave Hill

Beginning in September, we will be taking an in-depth look at the gospel of Mark with the intent of understanding the parables and life of Jesus. In a discussion style setting, the purpose will be to encourage each other in our spiritual walk by understanding the context, content, and command conveyed by Mark’s record of Christ’s life.
This class will meet in the Education Building Room 106/108.

Overview of Church History
Leader: Andrew Hasebroock

Have you ever wondered how the church got to where it is?
In this class, we’ll study “turning points” that shaped church history.
We’ll investigate such points as The Council of Nicea and Martin Luther’s role in the Reformation.
Join me for this interactive study as we discover the variety of ways God has worked through the centuries in His church.
This class will meet in the Education Building Room 102/104.

The Book of Acts
Leader: Guy Sas

This ongoing study of the Book of Acts will continue.
This class will meet in the Education Building Room 107.

Classes for Middle School and High School students will be held during the 9:15 AM Education hour.