Adult Education


Winter 2018 

Oakwood Mill is the Adult Education Ministry of Oakwood Community Church.  There are three classes this session being offered – three new classes and one resuming class. Classes will meet in the Education Building and TreeHouse.

Leader: Darin Anderson

Are you making progress? Most Christians want to make real, noticeable progress in their spiritual growth.

In this eight-week study author Colin S. Smith leads believers in a biblical exploration of the Beatitudes, some of Jesus’ most famous teachings. Because each Beatitude builds on the one that came before, Jesus’ teachings provide a road map for making progress in our spiritual lives. When we diligently pursue holiness, we’re in a position to receive the blessings Jesus promised.

This video based discussion will follow along with the Sunday Message Series – Keep Moving Forward. We are encouraging everyone to be involved in a Community Group during this series. If you aren’t involved in a group, you can choose to attend a group during the series or if none of the groups are convenient for you, you can attend this class.

This class will meet in the Education Building Room 106/108.

Discovering Our Roots: The Reformation
Leader: Andrew Hasebroock

Discovering our Roots: The Reformation

The Reformation radically changed the church and the world. In this class we’ll discover how and why it happened as we look at the lives of well-known Reformers like Martin Luther and John Calvin and the lives of those not so well-known.

An integration of art and literature will supplement the study of this exciting and momentous time and how it led to the multi-faceted face of the church today.

This class will meet in the Education Building Room 102/104.

Bible Art Journaling – continuing from the Fall
Leader: Katie Frost

Would you like to dig deeper into the Word? Have you seen Bible art journaling and loved it but thought to yourself, “I could never do that!” or “I’m not that artistic!” Then this is the class for you! Our Bible art journaling class is about the process of connecting to Scripture, not the page you produce. Focus on God and His Word and the skill will come with time.

Each week we will learn new art techniques and meditate on the Word. The basic supplies you will need are a journal and/or Bible (journaling bibles are useful, but not necessary) and a Sigma Micron 01 pen in black. As we learn new techniques, we will introduce new supplies.

Join us as we draw closer to God and to each other through bible art journaling!

This class will meet in TreeHouse Room 304.


Classes for Middle School and High School students will be held during the 9:15 AM Education hour.