This is Why

People from every tongue and tribe and nation singing with one voice, “How great is our God!” This is why we are alive. This is why Jesus has not yet returned. This is why Oakwood exists as a church. This is why Jesus sent us out to make disciples of all nations. So that more and more people will see the greatness of the Lord Jesus Christ and joyfully sing His praises.

This is the work God is doing all over the world. Through faithful missionaries and evangelists, He is bringing the Gospel to places it has never been heard and moving in the hearts of people to trade their worship of false gods for the worship of the one true God of heaven. This is the work God is doing right here at our church: helping each one of us trade our worship of false gods for the worship of Christ alone.

God’s desire is our delight. He wants all of His children to sing with joy in our hearts and in our voices. He wants us filled up and overflowing with a passion for His glory that is contagious to everyone around us. He wants to be the focal point of our happiness and the fountain of our joy. He is literally at war with all competitors for the glory that belongs to Him alone. And He wants our passion for His supremacy to express itself in a zeal for His glory among all peoples so that more and more will join in the everlasting chorus of angels and saints around the throne of God!

This is why.