Membership Commitment

As we experience Grace and Truth over Time we grow in Maturity.  The following six spiritual practices are commitments we make as members that reflect our desire to be transformed by God’s grace into a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ.


• I will strive to increasingly love God with all that I am. As one important means of loving God, I will give priority to corporately worshipping Him with my mind and heart.
• I will strive to spend time regularly reading the Bible and in personal prayer.

PURITY IN LIFE—I will strive to live daily in such a way that my life is pleasing to God through the enabling power of His indwelling Holy Spirit.


PARTICIPATION IN A COMMUNITY GROUP—I will connect into the life of an Oakwood Community Group to contribute to building authentic community and to grow in spiritual maturity.

PEACE IN THE BODY—I will strive to live in harmony and unity with others in our church by seeking to be positive in actions and speech.


• I will use the time and talents God has given me to serve others in our church, community, and world and
• I will give generously and cheerfully to God through our church.

LIFE WITNESS—I will share the life-changing experience of a relationship with Jesus Christ to those in my home, workplace, community, and world.

It is our desire that with one heart and voice we might glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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