Overview and Mission


As a regular attendee, you’ve had a front row seat to observe the life-changing mission of Oakwood Community Church. Although we realize that while seeing is believing, just seeing may not have covered it all.

We’ll give you access to all of the important information you’ll need as a member, including our ministry process, Oakwood’s history, our form of church government, and our statement of faith. Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to apply for membership.

You will simply print the  membership application, fill it out, and drop it off at church.  Once your application has been received the elders will schedule a personal interview with you.  The interview will give you the opportunity to ask any further questions you may have about OCC and provide you with the opportunity to share about your journey of becoming a follower of Jesus Christ.


Our mission is to transform ordinary people into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.  We do this by investing in a process where people are encouraged and equipped to Love God, to Grow in Community with each other and to take specific action steps to Serve the Church and the World.

1. Overview and Mission
2. Ministry Process
3. Worship, Community Groups, and Mission Teams
4. Oakwood’s History
5. Oakwood’s Affiliation and Government
6. Statement of Faith
7. Membership Commitment
8. Application Overview and Instructions